Project Description: The Rock City Sanitary Sewer Replacement project in Nanaimo, BC entailed the replacement of 240 meters of existing asbestos concrete sanitary sewer line for the City of Nanaimo. Milestone forces utilized trenchless technology to pipe burst 180 meters of asbestos concrete line, allowing existing surface structures to remain intact and reducing the safety concern of removing asbestos concrete from the ground. We dedicated trained and experienced personnel to remove the remaining 60 meters of asbestos concrete while following Milestone safe work procedures as well as industry best practices. The Rock City Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project with the City of Nanaimo was a successful Milestone project in both our civil works scope and the expansion of our experience in different aspects of civil construction.

Client: City of Nanaimo

Location: 3250 Rock City Road, Nanaimo, BC

Consultant: Hammerhead Trenchless Equipment, Earth Tool Company LLC