Milestone’s extensive project history provides the project team’s abilities to work across many specific industry types including: civil, industrial, commercial, environmental and residential construction, as well as landscaping.

Our bonding and insurance capacities, paired with our fleet of modern GPS equipment, are capable of large civil projects.

We offer a solution orientated project management approach and work in partnership to ensure clients’ key performance metrics are met.  Please contact us for your project needs.

Our experience and services includes the following work:


  • Underground installations and deep utility work
  • Civil & infrastructure construction
  • Pipe bursting, AC pipe management & removal
  • Landfill cell & landfill construction, municipal & industrial
  • Commercial & residential excavation & development
  • Highway, roadway & interchange construction
  • Retaining walls, MSE construction
  • Aggregate pit and mine reclamation & development
  • Environmental restoration, landscape & improvement – industrial, civil, commercial & residential applications
  • Turf & sport field construction, including all fitments, & relating infrastructure
  • Land clearing & site preparation, including servicing, permits, applications & management
  • Demolition, spill response & containment
  • Utility construction support, power, water, gas & sewer installations, connections
  • Environmental slope stabilization
  • In water / stream scopes of – dam repair, dyke construction, dredging and pier removal, baffle excavation, breakwater construction, barging, remote island work
  • Rock breaking & onsite aggregate processing
  • Snow clearing and winter support
  • Bike park, pathway construction, pedestrian bridges and related social development projects
  • Aggregate production, in a variety of specifications including onsite mobile crushing