Josh Fayerman, Milestone’s President and founder, was raised in Nanaimo and is proud to call the Harbour City home.  Josh started in the construction industry ‘swinging a shovel’ at a very young age.  Growing up in a family of 3 generations of general contractors, Josh gained knowledge of many different aspects of the construction industry, learning what was necessary to complete the project correctly the first time.  Josh committed himself to the best possible construction practices, ensuring not only the proper care of our environment, but that foresight and planning was applied to each step of the construction process.  From clearing the land, to the finishing touches – nothing is overlooked.

Without a strong foundation, the integrity of any structure constructed is compromised.  With this ideal in mind and with a combination of Josh’s core family values of honesty, integrity and dedication, Josh incorporated Milestone Equipment Contracting in 2005.

Today, with over 10 years of success in the civil construction sector, Milestone is known as a dependable, transparent and accountable contractor in the industry.  Milestone’s team is comprised of professional, experienced and educated individuals that form project teams to ensure our clients’ projects are treated with the same level of respect, attention, professionalism and care that our organization is founded upon.